With the exception of Clemson and Alabama, college football is definitely different than your company’s website.

website college football

Why?  Because there are too many variables and metrix when it comes to websites v.s. College football teams.  Try to pick a perfect weekend college football parlay card. It’s all but impossible. Why? There are too many variables.  Injuries, bad calls, missed FG’s, poorly executed offenses, or defenses, home crowd, etc. However, your website can be far more certain than CFB picks.

Your website can be strategically positioned to target potential customers, or vendors with a higher accuracy than your favorite CFB team’s record, or outcome.  Why? There are certain variables that are bankable and predictable in website performance v.s. CFB performance.  

Your website design team can plan for all kinds of variables.  From keywords, phrases and tags to keyword searches and Google relevance.  Your CFB cannot match a website with solid content, relevant keywords/tags and relevant content.  No matter how good your college football team is there are on the field issues that can hamper your best efforts.  Everything from injuries to flagrant calls and missed calls can hog tie your team.   

Websites that have relevant and compelling content along with expertly tagged keywords and phrases can withstand whatever the competition can bring.  Your CFB team may get a bad call, or suffer the results of an unexpected TO, fumble, or interception.

website designer

Websites designed by tenured pros not only provide relevant content, spectacular “look and feel,” in their design, but they also offer key words and phrases designed to elicit positive responses from Google and other search engines.  Their design is aimed at getting responses and results.

Football is unpredictable.  While great teams tend to perform at optimum predictions there are variables that affect execution, performance and final results.  You can win on the field and still lose the game.  

A champion web design firm anticipates the competition and has reviewed their game plan several times.  They study the competition and the leaders in your industry. They will be honest and tell you whether or not your website can overcome the competition.  They will even acknowledge what your competition is doing right.  

Your CFB team may be a top performer, but your company’s website can deliver results with which  your CFB team cannot compete. Consistency regardless of the opposition is a huge factor that your web design firm can deliver.  Key Web Design firms focus on the positives of your company. They recognize the competition has various assets, but they realize that your firm has more to offer.  They build on strengths and help minimize challenges. But in the world of CFB you are dependent upon the spread, performance and the performance of the opposing team.  In Web Design the focus is on you and what you have to offer.   

We wish all of South Carolina teams a great and healthy season, but let us know how we can help you battle the competition online!

website charles carter from webspeak media

Charles Carter, Partner

WebSpeak Media 

102 Trade Street

Greer, SC 29651



Image: SI.com of Trevor Lawrence, Clemson University

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