Establish your business as a trusted leader of expertise in your industry by constantly generating quality content.

According to HubSpot.com 47% of people consume 3-5 pieces of online content before taking the first step toward a purchase of products, or services. However, if you aren’t regularly adding new content to your website prospective clients/customers will go where they can get relevant information. And worse, Google may just fall asleep on your inactivity and send prospective customers to the competition.

Business blogging adds content to your website and generates traffic. Traffic generates leads/sales. Every blog is a new index page on your website and another way for people to find your business when they search online. Hub Spot’s recent study, “State of Inbound Lead Generation,” bears this out: “Increasing Google indexed pages by 50-100 causes double-digit lead growth.”

Blogging also increases exposure on social media platforms such as Twitter, FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. You can link your blog to your social media outlets and tap into a different audience. People on your social media see the blog reference and can begin posting it, liking, etc., to generate even more exposure.

Blogging establishes you as a leader in your industry. People want to know what you think. Let’s say you own a niche, robotics repair and refurbish business. You know more about robots than the people who run them. A small injection mold firm uses robotics in its manufacturing process, but their robots are older and they don’t have the capital to invest in new robotics. When you blog on repairing, or refurbishing robots you become someone with knowledge the injection mold company needs and that can lead to a new customer. Linking your blog to social media only increases the visibility for prospective clients.

Consider adding a blog to your site and offering your expertise beyond outbound marketing methods. A blog increases and enhances your website content. It increases SEO and inbound traffic to boost awareness of your company/service and ultimately increases your exposure to potential customers, or clients.

WebSpeak Media offers blog services tailored to your specific company, products and unique services. Contact us today to help you broaden your reach and increase traffic to your website and company through blogging. Let’s move beyond a static, or dated website that is not producing relevant SEO.

Charlie Carter, WebSpeak Media

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