Supply chain management is an integral part of any manufacturing business, or wholesale distributor. Being able to adequately store, track and distribute secure products, parts and goods in an affordable manner can make the difference between your company’s profit and loss.

Many manufacturers or suppliers simply do not have the onsite space or real estate to be able to house products and parts inventories and doing so would be cost prohibitive. A great alternative is an off-site warehouse like Gateway Warehouse & Distribution Center.

There are several advantages to using off-site warehouse storage.

It saves costs. Building on your existing property may not be the most practical, or affordable solution for you. Your warehousing and distribution needs may require more room than you have available to build upon. In addition to zero construction costs, you are not out for the property taxes, utilities and other budget costs of maintaining such a sizeable storage area. Bulk shipping via a storage warehouse and distribution center can cut shipping charges just by taking advantage of not being the only one in the truck. And you won’t have to worry about increasing your payroll to accommodate the people and security it’s going to take to maintain the co-located warehouse.

Inventory and shipping controls are still in your hands but easier. The warehouse team makes sure that products picked for shipping are in shape and order for their arrival at their intended destination. However, you still control when, where and to whom your products/goods are shipped. The warehouse distributor also receives your products and with due diligence inspects them to make sure they are in good condition upon arrival before storage. And if they are not the warehouse will document any damage for insurance purposes.

It streamlines things and makes your life easier. By using off-site warehouse storage and distribution you can eliminate the headache of having to do multiple things that can distract from your ability to produce great products, or parts. Getting this headache out of your hands and into the arms of experienced warehouse and distribution professionals will give you more time to focus on production, HR matters, product appearance, improvement and staff development. By letting pros handle storage, fulfillment and shipping you are able to focus on these things.

As a consistent and proven provider of quality warehouse and distribution, Gateway Warehouse & Distribution understands the value and the savings of the services they perform for manufacturers, distributors, producers, and retailers. Safe, clean, accessible and accountable storage in the Upstate of South Carolina.

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At Gateway Warehouse and Distribution we offer a variety of services including but not limited to storage and local delivery options to meet the needs of every client.
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